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By Sulie L. Chang, Burt M. Sharp, John J. Madden (auth.), Herman Friedman, John J. Madden, Thomas W. Klein (eds.)

Introduction and views This quantity represents the court cases of the 5th Annual Symposium on medications of Abuse, Immunomodulation, and AIDS. The assembly used to be held in Nashville, Tennessee, June 12-14, 1997. during this symposium, as some time past, more recent wisdom used to be reviewed in regards to the dating among the immune and the frightened platforms with reference to the consequences of gear of abuse. This symposium considering the connection among the immune process and the fearful approach with reference to the results of substances of abuse and infections reminiscent of the immunodeficiency virus that motives AIDS. As long ago symposia, shows fo­ cused at the brain-immune axis from the perspective of substances of abuse instead of from the topic of the mind or immunity on my own. the purpose of this sequence of meetings has been to elucidate the results ofimmunomodulation brought about by way of medications of abuse on susceptibility and pathogenesis of infectious illnesses, either in guy and in a variety of animal version platforms. leisure use of substances of abuse, comparable to morphine, cocaine, and marijuana, in addition to alcohol, by way of huge numbers of people during this kingdom and all over the world has aroused severe issues in regards to the results of use of such medicinal drugs, specifically at the basic physiological responses of a person, together with immune mechanisms. it's now widely recognized that many medications of abuse, together with marijuana, are utilized by hundreds of thousands ofindi­ viduals during this kingdom and by way of much more abroad.

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