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By Keith Baker

A celebration of adventurers is stuck within the wake of an unwise wizard's mystical experiments. with no understanding it, they're drawn right into a pocket of house -- a replicate international, the place the legislation of cause and magic were twisted through the brain of a madwoman. Feral gnomes and savage halflings prowl the forests along warlike people and elves, whereas peaceable goblins, orcs, and ogres farm the land, consistently petrified of one other brutal assault. purely the divine safety of the sacred undead retains this bloodthirsty horde at bay. The desktops needs to locate their approach out of this unusual global earlier than it destroys them ... yet at the manner, they need to take care of their abruptly new and surprising skills, and defeat their very own regulate personalities. The Ebon reflect is a D20 approach experience designed for characters of eighth via tenth point. It comprises: * info at the Crucible of Osai, an order devoted to retaining the stream of magic through destroying "flawed" artifacts -- either risky cursed goods and frivolous magical items -- that waste magical power and disenchanted the stability among topic and magic. * Ten new magic goods and minor artifacts, every one whole with trade principles to be used within the replicate international. * Stats for the sacred undead -- the is still of these people and elves with a glimmer of goodness of their souls, and so introduced again through the gods to make amends for their sins. they're charged with divine mild and make real the word, "the in basic terms reliable human is a lifeless human." * a brand new monster referred to as the antisphinx, with the physique of a girl and the pinnacle of a lion, that usually says the other of what she skill and freezes in time these unable to supply a becoming query for the reply she provides. * whole principles for conversion of spells and magic goods into their mirror-world antitheses. released less than the Open online game License. calls for using the Dungeons & Dragons Player's guide, 3rd variation, released via Wizards of the Coast.

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She does not know what to make of the PCs, and she has a strong drive to see that justice is done. A character who makes a Sense Motive check at a DC of 20 will sense this internal struggle — the fact that she distrusts them, and yet is trying to overcome this natural instinct. Jeseth’s statistics can be found on page 81. Talking to Jeseth Whether restrained or free, the PCs will eventually end up talking to Jeseth at the gates of Shareth-en-La. The vampire paladin is an imposing figure in her armor of gold and green scales, and her aura of courage lends her the aspect of strength and power.

Immunities (Ex): Sacred skeletons have cold immunity. Because they lack flesh or internal organs, they take only half damage from piercing or slashing weapons. Sacred Undead (Su): All sacred undead are immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, and mind-influencing effects. They are not subject to critical hits, subdual damage, ability damage, ability drain, energy drain, or any effects that require a Fortitude save. Turn Resistance (Ex): The positive energy that flows through these undead creatures bolsters them and protects them from outside manipulation.

Fast Healing (Ex): As long as the wraith has hit points remaining, it will heal 5 points at the start of each round. This effect cannot heal damage caused by necromantic spells. Healing Touch (Su): A sacred wraith can channel its energy into another living creature or another one of the sacred undead. This has a number of beneficial effects. It can heal 3d10 hit points of damage, restore one level lost to level drain abilities, or restore up to two points of ability damage. The wraith may use one of these three effects per round, and it must touch the creature it wishes to heal.

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