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Another way of indicating negation in Kuria is by using a double particle negative /te-/ in a pre-initial verbal position followed by a post-verbal hai. This strategy employs negatives at different ends of the verb but as a discontinuous constituent (te … hai). This is similar to what is seen in French (Payne 1985). The second particle serves to reinforce the first one. (41) a. má] “they will bite (then)” 37 b. 3 Infinitive Marker The infinitive is made up of a pre-prefix or augment, and the class prefix.

The Immediate Past Anterior tense is used in the examples below. Class 1 Prefixes /a-/ Examples aa[ééntéwé] “s/he has been brought” The example in Class 1 above can be segmented as follows: /a - a - εNt - e - o - e/3 sm - t - bring - pf - pas - fv s/he-past-bring-perfect-passive-fv aa[ééntéwé] “s/he has been brought” 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 3 /βa-/ /γo-/ /γe-/ /e-/ /γa-/ /ke-/ /βi-/ /e-/ /ʧi-/ /o-/ /ka-/ βaa[ééntéwé] γoo[ééntéwé] γee[ééntéwé] ee[ééntéwé] γaa[ééntéwé] kee[ééntéwé] βii[ééntéwé] ee[ééntéwé] ʧii[ééntéwé] oo[ééntéwé] kaa[ééntéwé] “they have been brought” “it has been brought” “they have been brought” “it has been brought” “they have been brought” “it has been brought” “they have been brought” “it has been brought” “they have been brought” “it has been brought” “it has been brought” The lower mid vowel [ɛ] in the root undergoes raising triggered by the perfective suffix.

It is in this chapter that a complete list of ITAR and spreading rules is given. 11 The fifth chapter is about reduplication in Kuria. The basic principles of segmental reduplication are illustrated, and the assignment of tone in reduplicated forms is discussed. I demonstrate that a reduplicated verb is not any different from an unreduplicated verb in as far as tone is concerned. Chapter six discusses provides a summary of Odden (1987) and Cammenga (2004). Odden uses a vowel count approach while Cammenga uses a tonal melody approach.

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