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Main Currents of Marxism: Its Rise, Growth and Dissolution, Volume 3: The Breakdown

From thinker Leszek Kolakowski, one of many giants of twentieth-century highbrow historical past, comes this hugely infuential examine of Marxism. Written in exile, this 'prophetic paintings' offers, in response to the Library of Congress, 'the so much lucid and accomplished historical past of the origins, constitution, and posthumous improvement of the process of concept that had the best effect at the 20th century'.

The Comintern: A History of International Communism from Lenin to Stalin

This obtainable textual content presents a entire narrative and interpretative account of the whole heritage of the Communist overseas, 1919-1943. by way of incorporating the latest Western and Soviet examine the authors clarify the mythical complexities of Comintern heritage and chart its degeneration from a innovative internationalist supplier into an obedient device of Soviet international coverage.

Communism’s Collapse, Democracy’s Demise?: The Cultural Context and Consequences of the East German Revolution

Communism's cave in either caused and was once sped up through the long-anticipated reunification of Germany. What have been the political and social undercurrents that ended in the abrupt cave in of East Germany? What difficulties have arisen due to the fact reunification? in actual fact, communism has left a cultural and political void that begs to be assessed.

European Socialists and Spain: The Transition to Democracy, 1959–77

Pilar Ortuño Anaya breaks new floor within the learn of the foreign dimensions of the Spanish transition to democracy. She argues that categorical contributors and enterprises made an important contribution to the democratization procedure. Dr Ortuño Anaya establishes for the 1st time the position performed via ecu socialist and exchange union firms, particularly the German Social Democratic get together and its affiliated unions, the Labour events within the uk, and the French Socialists.

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But while the role and remit of the European Parliamentary Group was clear, the NELF’s role and identity was less so. Founded in Madrid in 1991, it was broadly defined as a grouping of democratic socialist (as opposed to social democratic) parties. Drawn from 17 countries, almost entirely communist or former communist parties, or parts thereof, the Forum was valued for its open discussion, equal cooperation and the possibilities that it presented – for example, in campaigning against unemployment – without any of the centralised constraints of previous international communist organisations.

In fact, the Eurocommunists were on a trajectory towards social democracy, and the left parties in Europe today, which have found a common position and electoral stance on Europe and the nature of its integration, usually originate in, or are the continuity of, those communists who did not pursue the logic of Eurocommunism. Today’s ‘left’ parties are those which have chosen rather to redefine and redevelop anti-capitalist politics in the post-Soviet era. The first public statement of principles, endorsed by more than one communist party without the agreement of the Soviet leadership, was the Joint Declaration of the Italian and Spanish Communist Parties of 12 July 1975.

During Yeltsin’s confrontations with the Russian parliament in 1993, the CPRF became increasingly influential, participating in the National Salvation Front, a communist–nationalist alliance which wanted to stop shock therapy, reconstitute the Soviet Union and stop making concessions to the West. This grouping commanded the support of around a third of the parliamentary deputies. 29 But although Zyuganov 22 The New European Left had succeeded in establishing the CPRF as the leading force on the left he had not yet managed to defeat the nationalists and secure communist leadership of the opposition.

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