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By Glenn O. Mallory, Juan B. Hajdu

The time period «electroless plating» describes the equipment of depositing metals and alloys
by technique of electrochemical reactions. besides the fact that, chemical plating is the more
accurate time period that may be used to indicate the various technique of steel deposition
without the applying of electrical present from an exterior resource.

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I1+ H2PO; + HzOI1 NHz S II 2(NH2- C - NH2)+ H2PO; [951 NH2 The actions of K I 0 3 (potassium iodate) on the partial cathodic and anodic reactions is quite different from those described for lead and thiourea. - I Q U E 4) C 0 Q 4) U E U u 0, iz Fig. 10-Effect of Pb" concentration on the cathodlc polarlzatloncurves. A = 0 ppmPb*-;B = 1 PPm; C = 10 ppm. uniform shift in the curves to higher current densities as the concentration of K103is increased from 0 to 400 ppm. Alsoat potentialsapproximately2-650 mV, curves C and D reach a limiting current density where mass transfer is the controlling step.

Polarization curves is shown in Fig. 12. The cathodic curves show an inconsistent shift in the location of the curve vs. thiourea concentration. This may be due to the combined or preferential inhibition of the hydrogen evolution reaction, nickel reduction, and/or the phosphorus reduction reaction. Assuming that thiourea inhibits phosphorus reduction, it could account for the decrease in the phosphorus content of deposits obtained from deposits containing thiourea. On theother hand, thefamilyof anodiccurves in Fig.

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