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Children's books women's liberation 2. g. g. g. g. g. g. Ceres' Herodotus' Demosthenes' Mars' Venus' Xerxes' Jesus' 'is an accepted liturgical archaism' (Hart's Rules, p. 3l). , in the NEB, John 2: 3). g. g. Ajax's, Berlioz's music, Leibniz's law, Lenz's law. 3. Expressions such as: a fortnight's holiday a pound's worth your money's worth two weeks' holiday two pounds' worth contain possessives and should have apostrophes correctly placed. 4. In I'm going to the butcher's, grocer's, etc. there is a possessive with ellipsis of the word 'shop'.

B. 0) and should be written by those who pronounce it. The regular form is usual in Amer. English. Bereaved is regular when the reference is to the loss of relatives by death; bereft is used when the reference is to loss of immaterial possessions. com for more details Cleave is a rare word with two opposite meanings: (i) = stick; A man . shall cleave unto his wife (Genesis 2:24) (regular). (ii) = split; past tense clave is archaic; clove, cleft, and regular cleaved are all permissible, but cleaved is usual in scientific and technical contexts; past participle, in fixed expressions, cloven-footed, cloven hoof, cleft palate, cleft stick; cleaved is technical, but probably also best used outside the fixed expressions.

Use divest) didicoi (tinker) dilatation (medical) dilator dinghy boat dingy grimy disc ° Amer. disk discreet judicious discrete separate disk (sometimes in computing) ° Amer. in all senses of disc dispatch dissect dissociate ° not disassociate disyllable divest doily douse quench dowse use divining rod draft (noun) military party, money order, rough sketch (verb) sketch ° Amer. in all senses of draught draftsman one who drafts documents draught act of drawing, take of fish, act of drinking, vessel's depth, current of air ° Amer.

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