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By Michael Rubenstein

A research of British ways to tackle discrimination concerns within the place of work.

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56. The authors take the view that this 'could possibly bias the results to indicate ... sex discrimination'. This is a reasonable point to the extent that women tend to acquire qualifications which are less business-oriented. However set against that is that the non-labour market experience obtained by women as housewives, mothers, etc. is generally entirely discounted by economists. Such as drive, dynamism, determination, enterprise, willingness to take risks and ability to work with others. Henry Phelps Brown, The Inequality of Pay, Oxford University Press, 1977, p.

9, Department of Employment, 1979, pp. 19-26. B. Chiplin and P. J. Sloane, Tackling Discrimination at the Workplace: An Analysis of Sex Discrimination in Britain, Cambridge University Press, 1982, p. 26. EOC,Annual Report, 1981. 'Women and underachievement at work', 1981, p. 13. Looking at individual jobs, the survey found that many occupations were largely single-sex. Taking the managerial groups as an example, personnel managers and supervisors of clerks were the only jobs in which a majority of jobs surveyed were desegregated.

10) cites several British research findings that the higher proportion of women in an industry, the lower the wage for both men and women. For the comparable American evidence, see D. J. Treiman and H. I. Hartmann, Women, Work, and Wages, p. 28 and Hearings before The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission On Job Segregation And Wage Discrimination, April 28-30, 1980, p. 398. Cited in B. Chiplin and P. J. Sloane, Sex Discrimination in the Labour Market, Macmillan, 1976, p. 46. In the US, Francine Blau (Equal Pay in the Office, Lexington Books, 1977) showed that those firms that employed more men in a given occupation than would be expected randomly paid higher than average and those firms that employed more women paid lower than average.

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