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By Agmon, Douglis, Nirenberg.

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Progress in Discovery Science: Final Report of the Japanese Dicsovery Science Project

This publication records the medical consequence and constitutes the ultimate record of the japanese reseach venture on discovery technology. in the course of 3 years greater than 60 scientists participated within the venture and constructed a wealth of latest equipment for wisdom discovery and information mining. The fifty two revised complete papers provided have been rigorously reviewed and span the total diversity of information discovery from logical foundations and inductive reasoning to statistical inference and computational studying.

Nachhaltigkeit und Gerechtigkeit: Grundlagen und schulpraktische Konsequenzen

Problemfelder wie der Klimawandel, der Rückgang der Artenvielfalt und das Schwinden der Vorräte fossiler Energieträger stellen die Menschheit vor hochkomplexe Herausforderungen. Für eine angemessene Reaktion ist nicht nur ein erhebliches Sachwissen erforderlich, sondern auch die Fähigkeit, dies mit Blick auf die Erfordernisse einer nachhaltigen und im generationenübergreifenden Maßstab gerechten Entwicklung in wirksames Handeln umzusetzen.

On the Relation Between Science and Religion

George Combe (1788-1858) rose from humble origins to journey generally in Europe and the us lecturing on phrenology, the preferred Victorian trust that personality characteristics have been made up our minds by means of the configuration of the cranium. His most famed ebook, The structure of guy, released in 1828, recommend a naturalist time table and bought nearly 350,000 copies.

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9. 13. , 133–144. 14. , 57–58; Fariq al-Muzhir Fir‘awn, Al-Haqa’iq al-nasi‘a fi al-thawra aliraqiyya sanat 1920 wa-nata’ijuha (Baghdad, 1952), 108. 15. , 59; Fir‘awn, 109–110. 16. Hasani, 64; Fir‘awn, 195. 17. Wilson, Mesopotamia, 295–296. 18. Hasani, Tarikh al-Iraq al-siyasi al-hadith (Sidon, 1946), 2: 126–127; Wilson, Mesopotamia, 267–268. 19. Letter to Hugh Bell, September 19, 1920, in Burgoyne, 2:164. 20. Phebe Marr, The Modern History of Iraq (Boulder: Westview Press, 1985), 29. 21. Florence Bell, The Letters of Gertrude Bell (London: Ernest Benn, 1927), 2: 618.

Britain ultimately shaped the government and borders of the new state that would emerge in 1920, but the world-view of its rulers, King Faysal and his Sunni Arab military supporters—educated in Turkish military academies and schooled in Arab nationalism—would be shaped by their common experiences in serving the Turks and in the events of the Great Arab Revolt of World War I. War and Occupation British Style British forces occupied Fao and Basra in southern Iraq in October 1914 to keep non-British influences (primarily Russian and German) out of the region and protect strategic interests in Iran’s oil fields, communications lines to India, and the status quo in the Arabian side of the Gulf, where Britain had been giving security guarantees to several paramount or soon-to-be paramount sheikhly families.

The Porte’s desire to recruit local Iraqis began to succeed when it offered practical inducements such as free room and board both in Baghdad and later for successful candidates at the Military Academy in Istanbul. Some were sent back to Baghdad to teach in the military school. From 1872 through 1912, at least 500 and possibly upward of 1,200 Iraqis had gone through this educational process. 13 Members of all of these groups reacted individually and in concert to the “reforms” implemented by the Ottoman authorities before the war.

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