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By Tone Bringa, Hege Toje

This publication examines altering and rising nation and state-like borders within the post-Soviet house within the a long time following nation cave in. This e-book argues border-making isn't just approximately states’ actual marking of territory and claims to sovereignty but in addition approximately people’s spatial practices through the years. that allows you to illustrate how borders take place and are maintained, this ebook appears at border groups at inner, open administrative borders and borders within the making, in addition to bodily demarcated foreign nation borders. This booklet additionally can pay cognizance to either the spatial and temporal elements of borders and the interaction among obstacles and borders through the years and therefore identifies the various approaches at play as area is territorialized in Eurasia within the aftermath of kingdom collapse.

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13 Our analytical framework for examining borderlands through a Eurasian lens thus draws upon each of these dimensions. By combining these three dimensions in a single analytical framework and examining ways in which they intersect and overlap in practice, we gain a multilayered view, one that transcends, but does not exclude, the state system. For example, our field of vision might include at once the intersection of Soviet symbolism and discourse, administrative measures meant to include populations living in the borderlands of neighboring states, and economic interests as expressed in pipelines.

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