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Haddon 1904, 81. 36. Haddon 1904, 221. 37 1932, Figure 9, 97 38. 1904, 221. 39. 1932, 98. 40. 1932, 99. PART 11 THE INVASION: BEGINNING OF AN ENDING? FROM CONTACT TO OCCUPATION AN OVERVIEW By the mid-nineteenth century hundreds of vessels seeking pearl shell, trochus and bsche-de-mer began to arrive in the Torres Strait and Cape York areas in increasing numbers. The Torres Strait Islanders were not driven from their lands or exposed t o unstemmed violence; they stopped resisting the invasion with weapons, and under missionary influence after 1871 peace was made among previously warring interisland groups.

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4. In a formal sense John Jardine transmitted to other officials the need for keeping on fnendly terms with the Abongines. Thus he wrote to Lieutenant Pascoe to instil in the marines 'the positive necessity of keepmg on fnendly terms with the Abongines, and carefully to avoid giving them the slightest offence.. ' (Jardine to Pascoe, 6 August 1864, enclosed in Jardine to Colonial Secretary, 6 September 1864, in QSA COL/A59, in-letter 2744 of 1864). 5. 1885, 10. 6. Cannon 1885, 23. 7 Extract from the minutes of proceedings of the Executive Council of Queensland, Brisbane, 4 July 1865, enclosed in Bowen to Secretary of State, 5 July 1865, Enclosure 3, Despatch No 41, in QSA GOV/24, Somerset Letter-book (SL-B), 305.

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