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By Diane Goldstein, Sylvia Grider, Jeannie Banks Thomas

Ghosts and different supernatural phenomena are broadly represented all through smooth tradition. they are often present in any variety of leisure, advertisement, and different contexts, yet renowned media or commodified representations of ghosts could be very diversified from the ideals humans carry approximately them, in response to culture or direct event. own trust and cultural culture at the one hand, and well known and advertisement illustration at the different, however constantly feed one another. they regularly percentage house in how humans take into consideration the supernatural. In Haunting Experiences, 3 recognized folklorists search to increase the dialogue of ghost lore through reading it from numerous angles in a number of smooth contexts. Diane E. Goldstein, Sylvia Ann Grider, and Jeannie Banks Thomas take ghosts heavily, as they draw on modern scholarship that emphasizes either the foundation of trust in adventure (rather than mere fable) and the usefulness of ghost tales. they give the impression of being heavily on the narrative function of such lore in concerns comparable to socialization and gender. and so they get to the bottom of the complicated mixture of mass media, commodification, and pop culture that this day places outdated spirits into new contexts.

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We consume ghosts in these contemporary forms as readily as we continue to tell ghost stories. We like ghosts because they simultaneously transport us to other worlds and possibilities and also because they point us back toward issues of interest in our cultures. Ghosts and the Environment: Pirates and Spook Lights I find the study of folklore particularly engaging because it draws my attention to aspects of the world around me that I might otherwise miss. An awareness of folklore makes seeing and taking in the world a more intense and richer experience.

It opens the door to the otherworldly and spiritual; it proffers communion, which is often felt and understood in idiosyncratic ways. Because ghost stories deal with profound metaphysical issues and possibilities, they offer—should one choose it—an enticing, personal, and intense experience. Religious narratives and experiences can offer similar experiences, but ghost legends come with fewer strings attached—one does not have to accept religious principles, participate in an organized group, donate tithes, or even believe in order to feel the pleasant rush of possibility offered by a good ghost story.

If the mines were working steady, his Saturday payday would be considerable; if the mines were idle, poor Malcolm invariably took a hit. It was reasoned by many that he never turned his back on a customer, and when he turned the business over to son Freddie, tens of thousands of The Usefulness of Ghost Stories 41 Figure 2: MacLellan’s store, where a Cape Breton ghost owed a debt, is typical of the mundane spaces associated with traditional ghosts. Inverness, Nova Scotia. (Photo by Jeannie Banks Thomas) dollars remained on his books, never to be collected” (Gillis and MacDonald 2004, 232).

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