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By Miguel Asin Palacios

A learn of the impact of Islam on Dante's "Divine Comedy".

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Islam and the Divine Comedy

A research of the effect of Islam on Dante's "Divine Comedy".

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But coincidence between Version B and Dante’s text is most marked in the torture of adulterers and usurers. The naked men and women writhing in a furnace inevitably suggest the adulterers in Dante who are incessantly swept on by the gale of hell. Even more striking is Dante’s adaptation 57 of the Moslem punishment of usurers to those who committed violence and deeds of blood. Submerged in the deep waters of a river of blood, they, like the usurers, strive to gain the shore, only to be forced back by the Centaur archers (who take the place of the simpler stone-throwers in the Moslem legend).

A rich crop of legends sprang up as if by magic. The vivid imagination of the East had been fired, and the myth of the nightly journey was soon clothed with a wealth of detail and set in a wonderful variety of episode and scenery. The entire records of the evolution of the legend in all its ramifications would fill volumes. Around an insignificant verselet of the Koran a plot was woven, and the story developed in the form of hadiths or traditions of the Prophet, who was supposed to describe the wonders he saw on that memorable night.

Comparison of their expository methods. The cabbala of letters and numbers ; astrological subtleties ; personification of abstract entities ; interpretation of dream visions 4. Particular parallel between Dante’s vision of Love (Vita Nuova, XII) and similar visions described by Ibn Arabi 5. Striking analogy of Dante’s “ Cancionero ” and its allegorical commentary, the “ Convito,” to Ibn Arabi’s book of songs, “ The Interpreter of Love,” and its allegorical commentary, “ The Treasures of Lovers ” 44 6.

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