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Download Power and People: Journal of Health Organization and by Fitzgerald, Louise (ed.); Mark, Annabelle (ed.); McKee, PDF

By Fitzgerald, Louise (ed.); Mark, Annabelle (ed.); McKee, Lorna (ed.)

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Cross-analyses were also conducted to enable exploration of relationships between variables. Finally, emergent themes were compared against the wider body of knowledge to enable new understandings to emerge. A number of measures were taken to optimise the trustworthiness and transferability of the data (Gillis and Jackson, 2002; Lincoln and Guba, 1985). For instance, as findings emerged, constant checks were made with the original data to ensure consistency. , 1998). An audit trail was kept of research processes and decisions taken, in addition to an explicit account of investigator assumptions and values (Gillis and Jackson, 2002).

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